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For me liking anime was an ugly metamorphosis into a sad fart that denies she existed from ages 10-14… and maybe 151/2


whispers desperately to myself “I am an adult”

And the cycle begins anew.

Now that I’m 22 I can verify this as true


I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom. 


I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom. 


Ushiko, a longtime Ghibli resident. 


children of men (2006), alfonso cuarón

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This makes me happy


This makes me happy







[Submitted by anon]

This case is absolutely disgusting.  Also disgusting is how the media is framing it as a “threesome”, which only implies consent as well as a common male fantasy.  Rape is rape.  These attitudes and treatments of rape victims NEED to stop.

And anti-feminists and MRAs… why so quiet?  You claim feminists are the ones who don’t care about male rape victims, so where are you to defend this young man against your bros who are claiming this isn’t rape but something to celebrate and high-five over?  You’re awfully silent about this one.

It wasn’t rape. The guy was literally bragging about how he banged his teachers. Of course, it was statutory rape, but the majority of his male peers are now calling him a “hero.” Which is the part that makes me sick to my stomach. I am fully aware that men can be the victims of rape, and I know that there have been many cases in which a male student has been raped by a female teacher. This, however, is not a rape. Just a case of piss-poor judgement.

"It wasn’t rape."

"Of course, it was statutory rape"

"This, however, is not a rape."

Bio: “I’m 17 and hopelessly in love with my Chorus teacher.”

are you kidding me? it was consensual. he is 16, he knew what he was doing, and he fucking wanted it. it wasn’t a fucking rape.

Oh look, a disgusting rape apologist.  Hello!  Hope you’re plenty ashamed of yourself!

Y’know why it is that anyone who is under sixteen that has sex with a legal adult is considered statuatory rape? Because those /children/ do not have the maturity or experience necessary to handle the decision to engage in sexual intercourse with adults. There are consequences to those actions.

Do you know how sick it made me to realize that the majority of my sexual partners when I was a teenager were pedophiles? That they saw no issue with fucking a kid who happened to have an adult body? That they didn’t care how it would mentally or emotionally affect me then or later in life?

I started having “consensual” sex when I was fourteen. I say “consensual” because the majority of them were 18 or older. Usually much older. In their 30s type of older.

But hey, I looked like an adult so it was totally fine right? Hell even when I was sixteen, I was obviously old enough to understand exactly what was going on, right?

It’s fucking bullshit. Teenagers don’t understand the consequences and THAT is why it is statuatory rape and THAT is why men and women who take advantage of teenagers who THINK they know what they want are actual pieces of fucking garbage.

This teenager was raped and all society can say is “yeah way to go man you rock!”.

This is one of the many reasons we need feminism. Because men are being raped, and are not having their rapes acknowledged because “he enjoyed it” or “he probably instigated it”. Sounds pretty similar to “she was asking for it” but it puts him in an assumed position of power that he did not have. He is a child and the women were adults.

Just because he happens to be male does not make him in charge of the situation. End of story